Stream Films to your TV

Films streaming, or content streaming, is having the TV and film content you want to watch, delivered to your living room television. Where once films and movies could only be streamed to your laptop or PC, or via an expensive ‘all-in-one’ subscription service, such as Virgin Media or BT Total Broadband, now the technology and services exist to have the content you want streamed directly to your nice big HD TV.

How is this achieved? Well, first off, you’ll need a fast broadband connection – the faster the better for live streaming services to ensure smooth and consistent playback. We’d recommend a top-tier ADSL provider such as bethere or BT, or better still, a solid cable connection from the likes of Virgin Media or BT Infinity.

Once you’ve got the broadband sorted, you need a deviceĀ capableĀ of receiving the streamed content. This can either be in the form of your television, or a connected media-centric device such as certain Blu-ray players or games consoles.

Finally, you’ll need the streaming service itself. If you don’t already have a movies on demand service such as those provided by Virgin Media or Sky TV, or, are after an alternative, there are a couple of options. One is to use Microsoft’s Zune service which will stream bought films to an Xbox 360, and secondly, and more universal, is the new film streaming service from Lovefilm. Signing up to this service will allow you to get films streamed to supported TVs, Blu-ray players and the Sony Playstation 3.

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